Florida Orienteering Events

Start any time between 10AM and 1PM unless otherwise noted.  Rain or Shine.
Pre-registration and membership not required - events are open to the public unless otherwise noted.

Schools must use the Online Registration links - 2 weeks prior to a FLO event - to indicate the number of maps they will need.

New rules for Liabilty Waivers. Please Read!

Also, please read the following Florida Forest Service notice.

Calendar of Events:

Any Time     Permanent Courses
Any Time   FLO   Little Big Econ - Oveido
These courses have been set up to allow you to go orienteering during COVID-19.

Standard fee is $9 per 'team' for non members, $7 for members.
Park fees are additional where imposed.
Credit cards accepted

Lost something at an event? Check Here.

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   PLEASE READ  Rules for Participation in FLO Events.

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