UCF Adventure Race Pictures, Jan 5, 2002

It was a brisk 35 degrees as the teams gathered for the start of the UCF adventure race on the morning of Jan 5. 44 teams of 3 (with a few 2 person teams) got their bikes settled in the transition area and then reported to the registration desk for the course briefing.

Meanwhile the course organizers were taking care of last minute details in preparation for the special events.

The course had 7 special events - separated by 2 running legs (of 2 1/2 miles) and (1 1/2 miles) and 2 bike legs (of 3 1/2 miles each). Each special event had an associated coded punch to show that the team had completed the event. The event passport had a spot for each coded punch, so all teams had to complete each event to get their passport punched - but they could do the events in any order (except for event 7 - which was last).

The special events consisted of

(1) The canoe leg - a flag was hidden along the shores of Lake Claire, each team had to find the flag and punch the passport at the location of the flag. In the wonderful (by this time) 40 degree weather - swamping your canoe was a bit cold! many teams did.

(2) The Frisbee Toss - each team had to toss a frisbee into the chains to proceed, one team member tossed from within a circle on the ground while the other team members were able to retrieve the frisbee when they missed (which was quite often) . This turned out to be quite challenging.

(3) Orienteering - A single flag orienteering course lefd teams into a little see area of the back woods. The trick - teams had to memorize the location, they were not allowed to take the maps with them!

(4) Wall Climb - Climbing skills were tested when teams had to scale the 40 foot climbing wall inside the recreation center.

(5) Obstacle Course - A challenging obstacle course was set up on the sand volleyball courts behind the pool and recreation center. It involved a unique way to play soccer.

(6) Water Challenge - Teams were faced with a mental challenge as they had to figure out how to empty a small can of water into a larger can of water - the only problem, you were not able to touch the ground within 6 feet of the cans. Some teams proved their smarts by solving this riddle quickly - others came up with more difficult, but still creative solutions.

(7) Water Crossing - No adventure race would be complete without a water crossing, and this was no exception. Hitch, to have your passport stamped, it had to be dry!

Even though the winning teams were in the male category, the medal category was the coed division (as in most Adventure races) - these athletes proved their mettle and posted great times.

And the blood and scars heal quickly - special thanks to Cingular wireless and Subway Subs for their sponsorship.