National Orienteering Day - 2000

Melissa Yeadon leads instruction for Scout Leader Mark Rienzo's (wearing the "Dieon" scarf) Troop 225 from Coral Springs while an example control hangs from a wooden statue made to look like Bob Putnam.

FLO VP Frank Kuhn, wearing his red NOD cap, and co-Event Coordinator Elsie Turner gather at registration/checkin to commiserate with Course Designer Arild Orsleie having lost his pants.

Teams copy the control locations from the master maps.

Starter Chuck Nuckolls, comfortable in a choice spot of shade, counts down the seconds before sending off a JROTC group from West Orange High, while a second JROTC group waits in queue.

Mike Dempsey pauses from his registration duties to animatedly explain to Frank Kuhn something about how a bicycle would have helped his just-completed red course run.

Dave Ousley, between sips of restorative fluids, successfully clears the crowds well away from the map displays, T-shirt supply and sample control, while Dave Matthews takes a well deserved break from duties as co-Event Coordinator.