Florida Orienteering
Withlacoochee State Forest - Croom Section
May 3, 2014


Well, when I pulled into the parking lot, it must have been in between rain showers because Bob was standing next to Blake Mathews car admiring the beautiful weather. The lot had standing water on it. I found a spot that would be high enough to have a Registration and S/F tables under the big, dry tent and it happened to be close enough to park next to, ya!

There was an all-hands effort in raising the tent and setting up before the hardiest O'ers started to arrive. We managed to get some off just after 10, trust me there was not a rush but a steady run of entrants for 90 minutes, as usual and some had to go out again. This was a cool day with short periods of rain showers but warm(73'), no threat of hypothermia.

There were the usual 6 courses, we could have eliminated 3 for the Orange, Green and Red had the most cards. I had tried to get the G/R/Blue courses out to the prairie since they missed it in February, it's too pretty out there not to catch but it was too far for Green from Tucker Hill. The Orange course, a toughy, not a day to step up from Yellow and it showed but I think it was due to the weather not the difficulty along with some long legs.

All who came to volunteer were allowed to do a course, even Bob's Training Run had too many(5), but that crew quickly fell apart, someone stated "it was more like follow Bob run thru the woods". Jason Scott, soley managed to shadow Bob, he rested then went out on Orange and thought it was tough.

Cheryl came in from Yellow and stated that it was too easy, for me not to try that again, since I was the armchair designer. The 3 cadets from FMMA, who went out with Bob, were left behind came in later and were disappointed that they could not finish(not their day to step up, either). Eric Wallin (the Swedish student) rented a car so he could come out before going back home on Monday. He said he needed the training for when he goes out with his club next, he didn't need the training.(97 mins/Blue)

One thing I respect from this group, who came out and could not complete their courses, they still had smiles, kudos to you all. You know who you are !!

I would like to thank those who managed to put time above playing in the woods: Jonathan and Linda, who vetted my Course Designs then set some of the outer controls, Blake Mathews and Jason Scott, who helped in the pickup stage, Cheryl and myself ran the tables for the day. Bob, for his help in setting up and organizing a training run for those wanting to learn 'the' technique, Jerry - again for pickup, mostly the ones that Jonathan put out. To Rangers: Mark and George, the staff at WS Forest office, for assisting me, and to all the entrants who came to challenge their map-reading skills on a wet, rainy day in May. Jerry has pictures.

Thank You to anyone I left out, I owe you!

The day after ... Drying out


Name Time
Eastside HS 47:45
Team T-Birds 90:00
Ellis 105:00


Name Time
McDonough,C 63:26
Team T-Birds 119:00


Name Time
Sheriff,J 127:10
Scott,J 127:34
Canyoneros 172:45
Hawkins/Lunt 211:13
Eastside HS DNF


Name Time
Acuff,T 140:45
Crane,D 179:50
Eastside HS DNF


Name Time
Putnam,B 78:27
Scott,J 78:28
Mathhews,B 174:10
Chrysalis OT
McLean,E OT
Mante,K OT
Petschl,N OT


Name Time
Wallen,E 97:50
Canyoneros 206:50
Misfit Toys DNF
Sheriff,C DNF
Pogorzelski,H DNF


DNF   Did Not Finish
DQ Disqualified (Missed Controls)
OT Over 3 Hour Time Limit

Created 05-May-2014