Florida Orienteering
Little Big Econ State Forest
June 14, 2014


Weather: Great. Temp: maybe in the low 90s F. Rain: nowhere to be seen. Attendance: Terrific for LBE. Parking: we filled the lot for the first time ever and spilled over into the adjacent field, which was permissible this day.

Take a look at the map, reproduced here, of the Red Course.

Those of you familiar with this venue will notice that the areas adjacent to route 426 are no longer composed of yellow-ish fields and marshes but now have actual features and runnable white woods. That was the chief attraction of this event and I wanted to show off those areas in their best light.

Recall that for several years now FLO had been limited, by Permit, to less than 75 persons. New forest management is now in place and they are receptive to larger groups, but I had to promise to do it slowly. This events’ limit was 100 and I had to rent a port-a-jon. I believe it worked out well. The total attendance was 91, after I’d let everyone know about both the revised limit and the attraction of newly remapped areas. Next year, we will try to push the limits even further, shamelessly.

And rest assured there are even more newly grown up long leaf pine ‘forests’ within LBE that we can remap in this same way, yielding virtually a new map once again.

Each of the Yellow, Orange, Green and Red courses were exposed to this newly remapped terrain, most of which consisted of the now well established long leaf pine plantations having matured enough to be runnable under the rising canopy. People did tell me they had trouble with the controls shown above as Red 6 and Red 9, but that may have been as much a matter of my imperfect mapping than anything.

With the winning time on the White course exceeding the winning time on the Orange course, it suggests the course difficulties were a bit askew; lay that on me, the course designer. I do note that the Green course top spots were only 26 seconds apart. I like that. I also like Gareth Hearn’s winning time on Red.

All times were a bit long on a day like this; to be expected with the heat. I shortened courses in anticipation of the weather and deleted Blue altogether. No one really felt like running two advanced courses on a day like that.

All in all, I am really stoked about this venue all over again and now only hope to do more mapping, get more people attending, and maybe hold more than one even per year there.

Thanks for coming out. See you in the Fall at RSRSR the second Saturday of September

Bob Putnam, Course Designer


Name Time
Team Dean 74:55
Ashcraft, C 142:30
Honey Bear DNF


Name Time
Sheriff, J 50:42
Bedwell, K 65:48
Team Dean 69:33
Team Shimmer 76:35


Name Time
Griffin, J 72:25
Team Billette 85:20
Bachura 101:01
Woods/Dragons 109:10
Team Sharkey 125:03
Bailey, J 127:20
May, A/B 129:28
Adams, K 136:32
Team Herrera 148:55
Sarillo, S 161:10
Slow/Steady 179:45


Name Time
John Sheriff 65:00
Mike Dempsey 65:26
Will Pirnasch 70:50
Flash Gorton 74:57
David Crane 100:40
Chrsyalis 150:39


Name Time
Gareth Hearn 77:57
AR Group 93:03
Willer, A 104:51
Craig Sheriff 108:57
Hank Pogorzolski 118:30
Dean, B 126:05
Ray Bruneau 129:12
Jason Scott 137:11
Generic 143:58
3DogNight 157:12
Bob T 171:10
Msthews, B 175:50
Yak Attack 179:20
Ring/Fire 194:24
Eisenstadt, M 194:32
Coleman DNF
Shuman DNF


DNF   Did Not Finish
DQ Disqualified (Missed Controls)
OT Over 3 Hour Time Limit

Created 20-June-2014