Florida Orienteering
Kelly Park
November 8, 2014


I arrived somewhat early and found that the JROTC had comandeered the pavilion and setting up their 'START' table just outside the pavilion. I had to break the news about START being at a remote location, the north entrance to WSSP. This made it difficult for some of the cadets competing for the first time, even on our map. I saw many cadets running up and down the swimming area looking for the fence/gate. This while 'on the clock', WOW! I thought it would be a great idea to use some of the Kelly Park woods to place controls since we seldom do, hence the remote 'START' area. Mr. Berman and I talked afterwards about the SNAFU.

I had to send a speedy runner out to correct a boo-boo that I swapped 2 controls, my dyslexia, you know. DOH !

There was a great group of helpers that took charge when things started to free-fall into chaos but since we had a relative small group at this event, all went well.

I had my own learning curve on Course Design/Setting, with this great fall weather, I wanted to get to know the woods better but being such a large area, I can only compress so much, not to mention the yelling from the 'please-revise-me' map. I found some great places and not so easily found spots, as some attested to.

I heard of several cadets getting lost and had to direct others out there on YELLOW for the first time, lending some credence to "SAFETY BEARING". At the end, I think all had a learning curve.

I want to thank everyone who came and enjoyed the weather in the woods and special kudos to the helpers Bob/Janet Putnam, Michelle Dyke(resurecting the Troll/String-O program), Russ Steinke,(on a last minute call-up) Cheryl McDonough, Blaik Mathews, Ron Eglin(vetting), Jonathan Linforth(printing maps in Vermont) and to the pick-up crew of Jerry Sirmans, Jack Cash and again to Russ, who sat at the START table until finished, walked an Orange course then helped pick-up some Orange controls.

To all: is this a great club, or what ??

See you next month 'in the woods', I hope!

Thank You
Ray Bruneau


Name Time
BOONE HS #1 45:00
BOONE HS #2 63:30
Los Coqui 70:30
Hamsters 72:25


Name Time
FMMA Crowe 37:02
FMMA Russ 39:50
FMMA Hensley 35:50
FMMA Arevalo 37:03
FMMA McSeaton 37:50
FMMA Totaram 43:37
FMMA Spiva 51:55
FMMA Rozier 51:58
CCC Jas 60:50
FMMA Albert 64:30
FMMA Petro 64:36
Cypress #4 81:50
Cypress #3 83:50
Vitne, V 84:00
Silas, M 84:26
Urban 120:06
Ruthben 125:01
Cypress #7 126:16
Brown, C 129:23
KCVI 143:10


Name Time
Nguyen, H 70:49
Rosche, P 71:20
Sizemore, J 82:20
Wekivatts 85:16
Tusing, K 97:10
Burchfield, B 112:21
Redina 142:15
RPS 144:15
WHS #1 159:09
Prano 177:00
Wrench DNF


Name Time
Willer, A 109:15
Jericho's 119:57
Martino, T 136:14
Summerfield, M 139:42
Bruck, M 160:42
Hawkins/Lunt 183:40
CLassified DNF
Scotts DNF
Run/Empty DNF
Tigers DNF
Lavenders DNF
Slayers DNF


Name Time
McLean, E DNF


Name Time
Hearn, G 118:52
Hguyen, H 145:00
Mathews, B 161:14
Walser, O 162:30
Nate W 165:10
Porgorzelski, H 168:00
Sheriff 171:06
Brown, J 203:40
Run/Empty DNF
Shuman, D DNF
Dean DNF


DNF   Did Not Finish
DQ Disqualified (Missed Controls)
OT Over 3 Hour Time Limit

Created 11-November-2014