Florida Orienteering
Fort de Soto Park
January 10, 2015


What can I say about the Suncoast Orienteering event at Fort de Soto but as they say, ‘small is beautiful’. Only 23 entries, many of them teams of two or three registered to participate at beautiful Ft de Soto Park. For the most part the ‘civilian’ event was lost among the much larger JROTC competition. Our registration and timing was handled by the JROTC registrars and timers.

A number of our entries did not know about or care about the one hour time limit for the score competition and I have decided to ignore it for the results, too. The tops among those who took the timing seriously on each course did really well and deserve special mention. Unusual for a Score course there were actually four different course options. Novice, Intermediate and Advanced courses each had 15 controls to find in one hour and corresponded to Yellow, Orange and Green courses in terms of difficulty. Then there was the Super Score course where the participants were charged with finding all 33 controls in 90 minutes.

Blaik Matthews cleared the Super Score course with just over a minute to spare.

Rich Sands of Punta Gorda and May-li Cuypers of Largo cleared the Green course, May-li with plenty of time to spare, so much time that I did not get her actual running time. Rich finally outscored his son Dylan who along with two others was running the course to earn JROTC ranking points while their school, Charlotte, did not enter a team this week.

I’m afraid I do not have the times for the Orange Course but four entries managed to sooner or later clear the course.

All teams on the Yellow Course scored a perfect 150 but Adam Fahey is the only one I can say for sure beat the time limit.

Next up for Suncoast Orienteering is the Jan 24 event at Oscar Scherer State Park. We hope to see you there. If anyone would like to come to the park the evening before and camp over we do have some space available in a group camp site. Contact Suncoast_orienteering@yahoo.com for details.

Gord Hunter, Meet Director


Name Points
Matthews, B 455


Name Points
Sands, Rich 250
Cuyper,M 250
Sands, Dylan 190
Taylor, Joshua 180
Paine, Calob 160
Acuff,T 115
Duncan, T DNF
Caine, B DNF


Name Points
Oakes, S 200
Oakes,R 200
Taylor, S 200
Girlz,C 200
Walsh, J 190
Kayler,M 155
Sharkey, T 135
Rulison, Kerri 85
Flynn, C DNF


Name Points
Fahey, A 150
Tokarz, E 150
Colton, K 150
Davis, J DNF
Peterson,T DNF


DNF   Did Not Finish
DQ Disqualified (Missed Controls)
OT Over 3 Hour Time Limit

Created 12-January-2015