Florida Orienteering
Fort de Soto Park - JROTC
January 10th, 2015


What can I say about the Suncoast JROTC Orienteering competition at Fort de Soto but as they say, ‘big is beautiful’. Over 180 cadets from 11 schools participated in the novel format event. Instead of the usual point-to-point courses the cadets participated on novice, junior varsity and varsity score courses each with 15 points to find in one hour. The courses corresponded in difficulty to yellow, orange and green courses.

I can also say that the registration, timing and results were expertly handled by teams from South Sumter and Central High School.

I can say that the Fort de Soto venue is ideally suited for this type of competition. It is a relatively small area with a lot of point features by which to locate controls and a lot of options for the order in which to punch at the required controls.

I can say that no less a luminary than many time US orienteering champion, Peter Gagarin of New England was there to witness the event. He had some very nice things to say that you can read here: http://www.attackpoint.org/discussionthread.jsp/message_1022817#message1027747 There are also some neat photos.

About the competition itself I can say that after taking the fall season off Central is back and as strong as ever. Central took two of the top three places in the team competition. Central was particularly strong in the Junior Varsity – Orange and the Varsity – Green competitions showing the depth and experience of their program. However the smaller team from Dunedin was there to give them a run for their money.

Teams from Venice High School took the top two spots on the Yellow course.

I can also say that there were some very interesting individual results. Channell Walters of George Jenkins won the Varsity – Green female category thus achieving the rare feat of winning gold medals in all three categories in a single season. It is so rare I’m not sure it has ever been done before. Channell narrowly edged Marissa Gambino of Gaither and Kim Garcia of Lemon Bay in the most competitive Varsity females’ race of the season.

Jacob Sizemore of Dunedin cleared the course to win the male varsity event. (To clear the course is to punch in at all controls and return to the finish in less than the allowed time.) Jacob was well ahead of George Ricci and Zack Blackburn of Central.

Jenna Barbee of Central also cleared the course to win the female Junior Varsity – Orange course but not far behind was Kaylie Skinner of South Lake. That is interesting because this was South Lake and Kaylie’s first JROTC orienteering event. Keep an eye on her for the future.

The Yellow course was again dominated by athletes from Venice HS with Todd Park of Venice clearing the course in just over half the allowable time. Wow! Keeley Kohlenberg of Venice sandwiched between Naomi Batty and Hayleigh Mayhugh of Robinson as the three girls took the female novice medals. In all nine males and two females cleared the novice course in the allowable time with Kohlenberg doing it with only 23 seconds to spare.

In all, medalists came from nine of the twelve participating schools. I can say that is a pretty good distribution of the talent.

I can also say a big welcome to cadets from Gulf, South Lake and Lakewood Ranch, participating for the first time in a Suncoast Orienteering event. We hope to see you again.

Finally I must say a big thank you to the officials’ teams from South Sumter and Central. They did a marvellous job!

Team Winners

Course 1st 2nd 3rd
Yellow Venice 1 * Venice 2 * Central 2
Orange Central 2 Central 1 Dunedin 1
Green Dunedin 1 Robinson 1 Central 1
Overall Central 2 * Dunedin 1 * Central 1

* Tied for 1st place


Name School Points/Time
Park, Todd Venice 150 31:18
Hazelton, John Venice 150 35:10
Criola, Christian Venice 150 40:35
Harris, Chase Dunedin 150 42:02
LaFountain, Josh Venice 150 44:07
Keough, Austin Gulf 150 46:35
Hensley, Kade FMMA 1 150 47:00
Petro, Brennan FMMA 1 150 48:45
Ewing, Patrick Venice 150 51:17
Strealer, Andrew Venice 150 57:23
Noriega, Alejandro Central 145
Crane, Jacob Venice 140 37:14
Sanchez, Domingo Robinson 140 40:14
Hurley, Corey Gulf 140 44:02
Jennings, Nik Central 140 53:26
Romero, Jesus Venice 140 54:49
Frank, Tyler Dunedin 140 55:41
McClellan, Benjamin Lakewood Ranch 140 57:42
Repasy, Jacob Central 130 42:42
Countryman, James Gaither 130 48:00
Courtney, Sean Robinson 130 60:26
Morales, Ethan Central 130 55:18
Russell, Richie Central 130 48:21
Reagan, P Venice-Ind 130 51:39
Keene,K Gulf-Ind 130 55:28
Glassford, Nick Central 130 63:37
Cooper, Colin Central 130 47:39
Davis, Michael Robinson 120 37:02
Corbett, Madison Central 120 45:31
Allen, Ethan George Jenkins 115
Vanrensselaer, Jon Lemon Bay 110 49:47
Perdigon, Logan Robinson 110 53:05
Woodward, David Central 110 52:21
Chambers, Dalton Central 110 59:13
Hilditch, Jordan Central 110 55:06
Guertin, Alan Gaither 100 43:47
Gaddy, Trevor Gulf 100 54:52
Abernathy, Ashton George Jenkins 100 55:20
McGinnis, Chance Gaither 90 52:51
Browder, Logan George Jenkins 90 51:06
Avant, Valentino South Sumter 90 54:15
Mead, Parcer South Sumter 80 44:07
De Los Santos, Sam Lemon Bay 80 53:30
Irwin, Alec Central 80 50:20
Arevalo, Santiago FMMA 1 75
Anthony, Benjamin Lakewood Ranch 70
Lanier, Javosiea George Jenkins 60
Wethman, Lucas South Sumter 40
Bronisz, Kyle Gulf 30
Rozier, Joseph FMMA 2 0
Salavarrieta Gaither 0
Mendelsohn, N Lemon Bay 0
Prozer, Anthony Gaither 0


Name School Points/Time
Batty, Naomi Robinson 150 57:39
Kohlenberg, Keeley Venice 150 59:37
Mayhugh, Haleigh Robinson 140 51:37
Flynn, Breanna Central 140 50:41
Wilhelm, Daniella Lakewood Ranch 120 59:43
Watson, Mary Robinson 120 50:24
Newell, Jada Lemon Bay 110 57:10
Johnston, Hunter Central 110 41:49
McMichael, Taylor Lakewood Ranch 100 52:56
Barbiere, Iztel South Sumter 100 56:33
Wisneski, Julia Gaither 100 53:39
Kracke, Channing Venice 100 57:55
Meza, Janie Gaither 80 51:25
Herrera, Claudia Robinson 80 59:39
Anthony, Christina Lakewood Ranch 70 58:31
Tarver, Camille Robinson 70 51:08
Sowers, Kaylee George Jenkins 60 56:20
Nyhart, Gloria Dunedin 60 45:27
Smith, McKala Lemon Bay 30


Name School Points/Time
Rosche, Peter Dunedin 200
Gregory, Christian Central 190
Khalikov, Arthur Central 170 52:06
Weller, Robert South Sumter 170 50:56
Maulbeck, Keith Central 165 60:10
Bujalski, Sam Dunedin 165 53:03
Moses, Garrett Central 160 48:55
Castiglione, Salvatore Central 160 59:03
Wood, Anthony Gaither 160 54:01
Cline, Tyler Central 155 60:17
Russ, David FMMA 3 155 52:54
Villanueva, Moises South Lake 155 60:15
Agan, Ryan George Jenkins-Indv 145 55:32
Szoke, Frank Lemon Bay 145 56:39
Fryzel, Kyle Central 140
Miller, Jacob Dunedin 135 59:30
Mays, Austin Lemon Bay 135 59:44
Hadley, Derrick Lakewood Ranch 130 57:00
Saaby, Nick Lemon Bay 130 61:33
Miller, Matthew Robinson 125 53:57
Copley, John Robinson 125 56:31
Smith, Tyler South Sumter 125 54:30
Robiana, Aldo South Sumter 125 63:16
Weller, Bryan South Sumter 125 52:20
Wesseling, Dylan South Lake 110
Hughes, Jacob Dunedin 105
Cates, Duncan South Lake 100
Wilson, Taylor Dunedin 90 54:58
Cooper, Clayton Gaither 90
Barnes, Andrew Lakewood Ranch 90 55:12
Martinez, Dyuko Robinson 90 55:57
Ginter, Trenton Lakewood Ranch 85
Cerezo, Bryan Gaither 80 59:55
Promsurin, Phil South Lake 80 61:56
Adler, Grant Lakewood Ranch 75 54:53
Woodard, Dy[an South Sumter 75
McHenry, Shane Gaither 60 63:53
Foy, Jeff Robinson 60 55:40
Sierra, Felipe Gaither 50
Spallinger, Josh Lemon Bay 20
Jenkins, Bailey Dunedin 0


Name School Points/Time
Barbee, Jenna Central 200
Skinner, Kaylie South Lake 175
Lyons, Noel Gaither 110 54:23
Moore, Sarah Lemon Bay 110 51:55
Vazquez, Sandy Gaither 95
Benfield, Brooke George Jenkins-Indv 85
O'Brien, Callie Dunedin 50
Clune, Emily Dunedin 0
Somers, Julian South Sumter 0


Name School Points/Time
Sizemore, Jacob Dunedin 250
Ricci, George Central 220
Blackburn, Zack Central 215
Bruck, Michael Dunedin 200
Jackson, Gabe Robinson 195
Clayborne, Robert Robinson 190
Coronite, Mike Lemon Bay 185
Greene, Samuel Gaither 180 59:20
Loret De Mola,Nicolas George Jenkins 180 48:21
Butts, Jared Central 165 58:00
Tumelty, Eric Central 165 50:05
Courtemanche, Dylan Robinson 165 47:17
Loret De Mola, Sebastian George Jenkins 150 55:36
Hodges, Alan Lemon Bay 150 63:52
Brown, John Dunedin 145
Martinez, Eric Central 140 52:36
Altieri, Anthony Central 140 55:20
Hill, K Gaither 130
Rivas, Austen Gaither 115
Wilson, Tyler Gaither 105
Bradshaw, Brennan Dunedin 100 50:18
Setzer, Austin Dunedin 100 63:23
Lathery, Brandon Gaither 95 53:12
Warren, Christian Robinson 95 47:24
Kidd, David Gaither 70
Montanez, Jon Lemon Bay 0


Name School Points/Time
Walters, Channell George Jenkins 170
Gambino, Marissa Gaither 160
Garcia, Kim Lemon Bay 155
Keeler, Alexa Robinson 140
Moralaz, Z Gaither 110
Runkle, Reyonna Robinson 100
Lica, Bailey Lemon Bay 80
Sheppard, Hannah Robinson 70


DNF   Did Not Finish
DQ Disqualified (Missed Controls)
OT Over 3 Hour Time Limit

Created 12-January-2015