Florida Orienteering
Shokley Ranch - Ocala National Forest
March 14, 2015


We have not been to this map exclusively since 2006, I heard a number of people commenting that they had not been here before, a new venue! Bob had designed courses before he ventured off on winter vacation. Then Blaik and I went out on a pre-storm day (got wet/cold the following day) and vetted all CP's, we had to do some map changes for the better but more still needed. Jonathan/Linda made the setting of controls easy on all of us, since he uses his FX to ensure proper placement, that way, he doesn't get tired.

I received several inquires from new people and others traveling from afar. We had a small turnout but a regular attendance from the JROTC contingent. This was a unusual hot day for March and I would say that the times reflected this BUT we had a gent from Belarus come out and run the BLUE in under 61 minutes, funny how that works out. He started out after me and I never heard the beep-beep but then he was on track and me? I was mislocated somewhere. All I can say is, "young legs do make a difference". He left us with a 'home' 2013 training map, contours at 5m and lots and lots of lines. I'll try to have Mike add it to the archives. I'll post it next event. Since Bob had the oppurtunity to participate in an O'tour of Turkey, perhaps he'll share his Cappadocia map and story.

For a small turnout, we still had lots of smiles returning from the woods. However, we still have some parties who take a little longer than the 3 hour limit. I know who you are and will try to cajole you into taking better steps in reducing your elasped time: 1) step down a color (length). I like to see smiles at the Finish table.

I want to thank all that came out to enjoy 'pi' day in the woods. Thanks to Blaik for vetting, Jonathan and Linda for setting control flags. Thanks to Jack Cash and Jerry Sirmans for control pick-up. Again, to Jonathan/Linda for sitting at the Start/Finish table all day. And, of course, a thanks to Bob Putnam for course designs.

See you in the woods next month at LLSP.

Ray Bruneau


Name Time
Corson, P 44:03
Davis/Tresuer 70:50
McDougald, E 79:00
Forbes/Wilson 98:50
Williamson, M 171:18
Neville, M DNF


Name Time
Kaler, M 73:21
Burchfield, B 76:04
Griffin, J 93:02
SLO 103:08
Stolk, B 130:43
Noel, S 146:33
Sykes, J 177:30
Porupski, K 177:40


Name Time
Morten 46:28
Hunter, G 55:40
Bruck, M 68:29
Sizemore, J 80:16
Schneiderman, M 88:30
Dempsey, M 88:50
Sheriff, J 108:30


Name Time
Fluegel, S 159:37
Gorelik, N 168:07
Anna DNF
Two/Taking OT
McLean, E OT


Name Time
Memelau, A 60:32
Bruneau, R 124:52
USA 128:27
Carr, J 138:34
Eaglin, R 145:30
Schultzie 151:42
Go Blue 159:40
Pangea 166:50
Fluegel, D 178:52
Eisenstant, I DNF
Mathews, B DNF
Porgorzelski, H OT


DNF   Did Not Finish
DQ Disqualified (Missed Controls)
OT Over 3 Hour Time Limit

Created 18-March-2015