Florida Orienteering
Lake Louisa
February 13th, 2016


It was a beautiful, sunny and warm day in Central Florida; perfect for orienteering. There was a modest turnout on the Florida Orienteering (FLO) side of 57 starts and the JROTC had 175 individual starts. On the FLO side a start may be an individual or a team. The courses were fast, flat with a lot of unobstructed running. We had an orienteer from a Colorado club, Bob Huebner(?). His comments on the differences between the Colorado and Florida vegetation/terrain were amusing. The only complaint that came my way was an error on the Red course. When I programmed the Red course in the orienteering course setting software two controls were placed in the wrong order. I apologize for this error.

Now for words of thanks to the cement of Florida Orienteering, the cherished, volunteers. It is this very small but elite group of people made up of both orienteers and non-orienteers that make FLO's events happen and work smoothly. Blaik Mathews gets a hero's medal for the super job that he did in setting up and running the electronic timing system that we call "EP" (electronic punching). I did not get over to the Registration tent but was able to look through the woods from the Start/Finish tent to see who was volunteering. Ray Bruneau, Janet Putnam, Bob Putnam, Mike Dempsey and any that I did not see deserve a great round of applause. The Start/Finish table was held down by Blaik Mathews, Russ Steinke, and my wife, Linda Brew . The group that never gets enough thanks are the people that retrieve the controls at the end of the day. For this event and most of the other events the controls and EP boxes were picked up by Jerry Sirmans, Jack Cash, Russ Steinke and Blaik Mathews.

Fun was had by one and all and young and not so young.

See y'all at RSRSR on March 12, 2016

Jonathan Linforth


Name Time
Spartans 41:56
Water 60:11
Lost Found Repeat 89:30
Amaya, Gustavo DNF
Carr, Mitchell DNF


Name Time
Roberts, Moira 36:01
Joiner, John 52:17
Nutchler, Joey 53:38
Benn, Zachary 53:39
Raymond, Patrick 64:47
Gilpin, Meka 76:41
Henderson, Ciara 88:06
Troutman, Tara 88:08
Ortiz, Kristal 91:13
Brew, Linda 100:41
Smith, Elijah 119:39
Cook, Jailen 119:48
Linderman, Clara 119:53
Vanguard 123:59
Ostroski, Rebecca DNF
Noriega, Alejandro DNF


Name Time
Willer, Andy 60:26
Pogorzelski, Hank 61:45
Allen, Daniel 68:36
Braue, Tom 88:46
Baconators 95:41
Rosado, Michael 96:05
Korman, Rafael 96:16
Steinke, Russ 102:29
Team Maximus 109:39
Awesomeness 133:12
Troop 443 Leaders 149:20
Emde, Dirk 155:21
Team Nohnam 176:12


Name Time
Putnam, Bob 54:13
Huebner, Bob 57:08
Hunter, Gord 59:05
Dempsey, Mike 72:35
Northcutt, Tom 74:29
Bruck, Michael 80:15
Schneiderman, Michael 86:24
Bruno, James 95:35
Spiezio, Ed 96:13
Menke, Jennifer 103:20
Lost Curanderos 107:40
Hawkins, Gordon 134:05
Holley, Rick 143:27
Epic Dynasty 159:01
Henson, Toby DNF


Name Time
Team Zissow 90:33
Bishop, Vicki 132:00
Flugel, Steve 148:54


Name Time
American Love 97:19
Northcutt, Tom 111:38
Flugel, Donna 133:11
Pogorzelski, Hank 134:20
Running on Empty 151:10


DNF   Did Not Finish
DQ Disqualified (Missed Controls)
OT Over 3 Hour Time Limit

Created 13-February-2016