Florida Orienteering
Croom South - Withlacoochee State Forest
February 11, 2017


During the event a Boy Scout leader who was taking some of his troop around the Blue course came upon a fallen cadet near Blue control number 6. A female NJROTC cadet running the Green course had fallen and could not move. The BS leader called 911 then stationed a scout on the power line road to give directions to emergency responders and sent two or three more scouts to meet the ambulance at Croom Rd. The BS leader stayed with the cadet throughout the ordeal and should be commended for his knowledge, coolness and willingness to help. He also called the emergency number printed on the map. Blaik received the call and called the responsible JROTC leader.

Jonathon met up with the cadetís leader, Dana Saunders, and drove him to near his cadet. The cadet was lying face down and was lucid even though she could only move her fingers and, possibly, her toes. She said that she did not lose consciousness. She, also, said that her neck, back and arms were hurting. No one made an effort to move her. Only leaves and soil were removed from around her mouth to help her breathing. Jonathan left Dana and the BS leader with the cadet and drove back up to Tucker Hill in search of the ambulance. He was told that the ambulance and fire truck had already been there and were headed to the cadet.

On his way to the junction of the power line road and Croom Rd he first met the fire truck and then the ambulance, on Croom Rd, and told them that he could lead them to the cadet. The fire truck waited at the junction and the ambulance was going to follow him to the cadet but they thought that the power line road was impassable by the ambulance, so four of the paramedics loaded themselves and a body board into his truck and drove a mile down the power line road to a short distance from the cadet. After the paramedics evaluation they rolled the cadet over onto her back onto the body board. The BS leader said his good bye and Jonathan transported the JROTC leader, cadet and paramedics to the ambulance, then dropped off Dana at his unit at Tucker Hill.

Far too much excitement for one day! Hopefully not to be repeated.

The cadet was released from the hospital on Sunday morning. She had regained her mobility and was able to walk out of the hospital.

It seems that things turned out OK this tiime but this highlights how useful it could have been if the cadet had been using Livelox.


Name Time
Rupert,N 78:20


Name Time
Alpha 1 75:14
RRHS #1 82:00
Joiner, J 83:45


Name Time
Harrison, D 29:09
Andy Capp 87:11
Curanderos 100:00
Hart 100:18
Singer, M 175:00
Glynn, P OT
Cruz, M DNF
Zetterland, K DNF
O'Neill DNF


Name Time
T443 Adults 169:40
Magana, U DNF
Dooley, M DNF


Name Time
Menke, J 157:54
Demerss DNF
Shuffle DNF


Name Time
Troop99 Provided Emergency Assistance
Franklin, N DNF


DNF   Did Not Finish
DQ Disqualified (Missed Controls)
OT Over 3 Hour Time Limit

Created 2017-February-15