Florida Orienteering
Croom North
April 22, 2017


FLO had a wonderful and successful event on the Croom North map at Tucker Hill this last Saturday. The only reason that the event was so successful was due to the long, hard, knowledgeable and tireless volunteer work by Cheryl McDonough, Nikki Rupert, Linda Brew(my wife), Ray Bruneau, Blaik Mathews, Jerry Sirmans and the JROTC staff. Please, remind me if I have forgotten anyone and Iíll do my own butt kicking. The volunteers made it possible for FLO to receive glowing and favorable reports from the equestrian and mountain bike clubs to the Withlacoochee State Forest (WSF) officials. Many WSF staff members stopped by to check things out and were surprised as to how well things were going. They echoed their surprise with favorable comments and reports.

In short, this event would have been a disaster without your presence.

Thank you very, very much.



Name Time
Panda + Buddie 59:51
Ruppert, N 74:06


Name Time
Stud/Hammer 78:05
Joiner, J/L 134:25
Dreamhiker 138:25
Horne, R DNF
Febres, Mariela DNF


Name Time
Canyoneros 63:28
Bystry-Wells, D 81:54
AHS 1 84:23
AHS 3 90:00
AHS 4 90:21
AHS 5 92:50
Burchfield, B 104:02
Thomas, L 117:22
McDonough, Cheryl 122:03
AHS 2 126:31
Sharkey, Devon DNF


Name Time
Holland, Mike 74:06
Huberman, Joseph 94:29
Maliszewski, J 124:15
Cheaters 124:15
Park, Suzanne 129:27
Bromer, Ruth 163:40
Luther, R 137:30
AHS 6 142:13
Flugel, Steve 156:30
Bromer, Ruth 163:40
Allen, Daniel 164:15
Collins, J 167:30
Hawkins, Gordon 201:39
Putnam, Bob DNF


Name Time
Bruneau, Ray 112:49
Hodges, Paul 121:39
Team Menke 149:08
Haas, Joanie 205:00


Name Time
Saggin Waggin 115:35
Shuman, David 131:03
Watkins, Nicolas 136:47
Nature Calls 163:58
Flugel, Donna 166:01
Canyoneros DNF
Deb n Paul DNF
Mak Attack DNF
Stud/Hammer DNF
Stark, N DNF


DNF   Did Not Finish
DQ Disqualified (Missed Controls)
OT Over 3 Hour Time Limit

Created 2017-April-25