JROTC Training Camp - Schedule

 1200-2000Check-in Camp set-up
 2000-2100Classes / Training Brief
 2200TAPS   All cadets must be in their tents.
 NOTE: A small compass course and a pace course are available, and classes on basic map and compass skills can be given upon request.
 0900-1600Training (See Below)
 1130-1330Lunch will be served in Camp concurrent with training
The training will be broken down into six stations. Each station will take approx. 1 to 1.5 hours to complete. All training will be within Moss Park. A small practice compass/pace course is located in the camp ground. Groups that need to check their pace count should do so before leaving camp. Those unfamiliar with the compass should complete the small course and then the compass course. Each group will start at the guided walking tour and will then go to whichever course is available until they complete all six courses.
  • Guided walking tour
  • Handrail University
  • Memory-O
  • Corridor-O
  • No-Trails-O
  • 1K Race
  • Compass Course (start from camp)
 1900-1945Survival Navigation (optional class)
 2000-2100Night-O (optional)
 0600-0730Breakfast / Camp Cleanup / Check out
 0800-0830Competition Safety Brief
 0830-1130Competition (Mass Start)