First Orienteering Rankings Report for 2018-19

Individual Rankings

It was interesting for me to note that already after two events we have over 400 names registered in the rankings.

Also interesting is that not one name appears for both events which is not surprising as one event was held in Central Florida and the other in North Florida. 

The list should grow and we will see names with multiple results as we have five events coming up in the next two months. 

For the Rankings the cadets get to count their best five results over the course of the school year. 

Cadets who 'move' from one course to another may transfer their points with them (one condition applies)

Team Rankings

New this year are the Team Orienteering Rankings. For the teams, their best five results over the past 12 months count, so the rankings are on a 'rolling' basis.

Only the top ten ranks and ties are published. These will be updated and published at the end of each month.


Those who may have questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Gord Hunter

Suncoast Orienteering