Florida JROTC Rankings

South Sumter Cadets Dominate Florida JROTC Orienteering Rankings

For the second year in a row the cadets from the South Sumter HS JROTC orienteering team are dominating the state wide rankings. This is for three good reasons. They get to more events, with more than 30 participants they have a lot of depth on their team and they are finishing in the top ten in a lot of events.

Things to note about the latest standings:

We are aware that units have only the resources to get to a limited number of events. Cadets are welcome to come on their own, car-pooling with a willing parent or senior cadet, participate on the public side of an event and earn equivalent ranking points. They must be sure to do two things: 1) Those who are under 18 must bring a parent’s signature on the waiver available on the FLO website. 2) They should be sure to tell the FLO or SOAR registrars that they are there to run the JROTC course and they use their school instead of a club abbreviation. This will ensure the points get tracked properly and they get the special discounted registration fee ($6) If you can lend them a finger stick and compass that helps keep costs down, too.

Finally, thanks to our improved score-keeping we are now able to rank our teams in a similar fashion. Look for our first team rankings be announced before the end of this month. Spoiler alert: Team rankings will count your team’s best five scores on each course and overall over the preceding 12 month period.

Best regards,
Gord Hunter
Suncoast Orienteering