Florida JROTC Orienteering Camp

Training Description

Guided Map Tour Students will be led in a group by an instructor who will point out various terrain features and explain orienteering techniques and strategies.
Pace Course Students will travel two 100 meter courses to obtain a pace. They will also learn how to convert the pace to map distance.
Camp Compass Course Students will follow an azimuth and use their pace count on a short 4 point course
Compass-O Students navigate a 5 point course using only a compass and their pace count. No maps are allowed.
Memory-O Students navigated a 7 point course by memorizing each leg one at a time. From the start point a map shows only how to get from start to point 1. When they reach point 1 another map shows how to get from 1-2 and so on.
Line-O Students travel along a designated course and when they come across a marker they must figure out the terrain feature it is on and the location on the map.
Draw your own map-O Students must copy a map using only the features they think they will need in order to navigate to the markers.
1 Kilometer–O Students run a short course to check their speed and navigation abilities.
Night-O Students navigate in darkness.
Survival Navigation Students will learn a few techniques of navigating should they loose their map and compass.