At this novel location, 5 new courses from White to Blue length/difficulty have been designed by Bob Putnam and vetted by Joanie Haas and me.  Geneva Wilderness Area is a separately-managed property at the northwest corner of Little Big Econ State Forest.  It's a fair distance from our 2 other staging areas in LBE (Barr St and Snow Hill), so although the area is mapped, our courses have really never strayed into this area.  To my knowledge, FLO has never staged an event out of this trailhead (at least not during my time with the club).  This makes it an ideal place for some new ROYO courses, which will allow you to explore this "virgin" orienteering territory in a familiar park close to home!

There is one caveat - the management team in this part of the park will not allow us to hang anything, even ribbons, in semi-permanent fashion, so most of the control positions are completely unmarked.  All courses except WHITE pass through GWA into the north side of LBE proper, and controls south of the border between the two are marked with ribbons only.  This fact makes these courses an ideal testing ground for a new smartphone orienteering app called MapRun.

MapRun is a new kind of ROYO we are using which uses GPS position-based control punching.  Start, Finish, and all controls are precisely georeferenced, and you punch your way through the course simply by approaching to within a few meters of each point as measured by smartphone GPS.  This is a little bit different than the punching methods we're used to, but it has the advantage that it works even if a control position cannot be physically marked in the field, or if a placed marker goes missing.  You simply walk/run around the course and your phone punches you in at each point automatically with an audible beep.


You will need a smartphone with the MapRun app installed.  Version 6 of this app has recently been released, and that is what we'll be using. Be careful when you go to install the app on your phone, because there are multiple versions of this app available for different purposes. You want MapRun6, with a numeral "6" in the bottom right corner of the logo:
You can find it on iTunes or the Google Play store. 

As you're installing the app, it will ask you for permission to use location services (i.e., the phone's GPS location).  This is obviously essential for its function so you must grant it.  It's important that you allow access "all the time" rather than just "only when using the app", otherwise it may lose your GPS fix when the screen goes to sleep during your run.

When you get the app installed, open it and tap the "Name" button on the home screen and fill in your information.  This will be used for results posting on any courses you run with the app.

To use the app to run a course, open it and tap the "Select Event" button, then drill down through
  • USA
  • Florida
  • Central Florida
  • Little Big Econ GWA
and you'll see the list of the 5 available courses there.

Once you've picked the course you want, you will be returned to the home screen with that event showing as the selected event.  You can do all of this before you go to the venue, and probably should since connecting to a course and getting the map for it on your phone requires internet connectivity, which may be spotty at certain venues with certain carriers.

You can also get to the course you want on site at the venue using the "Events Near Me" button, which should get you to the same list of 5 available courses once you are physically close enough to them.  This feature requires internet connectivity onsite, however.

When you are on site and ready to do your course, tap the "Go to Start" button.

You will then see a picture of the map on your phone screen with a red dot showing your live GPS position on it.  This is simply an aid to help you find the start position, which as usual shows as a red triangle on the map.

When you get within a few meters of the Start, the app will beep to let you know you're there, and at that point your official clock is running, and the live position indicator on the phone will disappear.  Stow the phone in a runner's armband and forget it as you do your course using the paper map and compass for navigation as usual. At each control position, the phone will issue a loud beep to indicate a successful punch, and you're off to the next one.  If you pull out your phone and look at it, you'll see the control circles changing from red to green with each successful punch.  When you have finished the course, move to the Finish position - the double circle on the map.  When you get there, the app will beep one last time, stop your official clock, and then display your results, along with a GPS log track of your run:

Tapping the "burger stack" menu icon at the top right will pull up a menu that allows you to see the "details" (i.e., splits times) of your course:
You can also tap "All Results" to see how you did compared to others who have done this course before you.

Video of me auto-punching a control at LBE East.

Video demo of using MapRun in a "casual" park environment, including using the phone for the map.

Note that as stated above, THERE ARE NO PHYSICAL MARKERS IN THE FIELD AT ALL AT THE CONTROL POSITIONS INSIDE GWA.  No flags, no ribbons, no QR code tags.  This is position-based ROYO ONLY. The beep from your phone indicating arrival at a control is your cue that you are in the right location, and this takes the place of seeing the physical ribbon or other marker.  If you have only ever done live events which have flags, this will make these courses a little more of a challenge, as you won't have the relatively large beacon of a flag to guide you into the exact control position.  Use the clues marked on your map and move to the feature (e.g., trail junction, distinct tree, depression, etc.) listed for each control point - that is where you should get your punch.

Remember that your phone's position depends on the readings from its GPS chip.  You want your phone to have a decent view of the sky for it to get an accurate positional fix from the satellites.  That's why we recommend using a runner's armband to hold the phone - it keeps it high and away from your body core, which can block the GPS signals.  I have successfully used MapRun6 with my phone (Samsung Galaxy S9+) in my pocket, but a pocket or backpack isn't ideal. If you are sure you're in the right location and your phone doesn't punch the control, take it out of your pocket or backpack and hold it out for a few seconds to see if it will get a better GPS fix.

Also, the MapRun punching system has a 15 meter tolerance built into it to allow for random errors in GPS fix caused by weather, canopy cover, variations in chip technology, etc.  In theory this means that the target you have to get into to get a punch is a circle 30 meters across centered on the control position.  This is a pretty big target, and this helps balance out the difficulty of finding the right position without the visual aid of the flag we usually have at live events.


  • WHITE- For novices and casual family hikes. 2.1 km straight-line. Can be done mostly on trails.  Map is 1:10,000 scale, with verbose control descriptions.
  • YELLOW  - For novices and casual family hikes. 3.4 km straight-line. Can be done mostly on trails.  Map is 1:10,000 scale, with verbose control descriptions.
  • ORANGE  - For intermediate to advanced orienteers.  4.6 km straight-line.   Most controls are on or near trails.  Map is 1:10,000 scale, with symbolic control descriptions.
  • GREEN - For experienced orienteers.  4.8 km straight-line. Some controls are off trail.  Map is 1:10,000 scale, with symbolic control descriptions.
  • BLUE - For experienced orienteers.  Zig-zagging course 6.6 km straight-line. Many controls are off trail.  Map is 1:10,000 scale, with symbolic control descriptions.

Note that the course lengths mentioned above are measured straight-line from point to point to point.  Your actual route on the ground will often be on more winding trails or diverted around obstacles like ponds or dense tickets, so your actual distance traveled will often be 25-50% longer than the stated course length.

Please note that all courses except WHITE will cross out of GWA and into LBE proper, whose trails are often used by equestrians coming out of the Snow Hill horse corral area.  That means horses and riders may be present, and this requires special precautions from us.  Running toward or past a horse can spook it, leading to highly unfortunate events (or at the very least, angry riders who will complain to park officials).  If you encounter horses, STOP RUNNING, yield right-of-way, and be courteous.  Play nice in the sandbox.

As usual, there is a 3 hour time limit on all courses.  If you take more than 3 hours on any course, RETIRE!  Fatigue and dehydration can sneak up on you, particularly on the longer courses. Carry a CHARGED cell phone for safety.

The Safety Bearing for all courses will be NORTH to the the GWA trailhead or paved road CR 426.

Printing your map(s):

By printing the map for any of these courses you are agreeing to the following Waiver of Liability:

As a condition for participating in this orienteering event, you hereby release Florida Orienteering (also known as FLO), Suncoast Orienteering (SOAR) and all of their officers and members and others who have planned or participated in this event from liability for any personal injury or property damage that may occur to you or any member of your group as a result of your participation at this event whether caused by negligence or otherwise, and you hereby indemnify Florida Orienteering (FLO), Suncoast Orienteering (SOAR) their officers and any organizations or authorities sponsoring the event from any liability for injury or damage or expense caused by yourself or other members of your group.

To display the map of your chosen course, click on the appropriate link in the list of courses below, then use your browser to download or print it.  If your print menu offers the choice, make sure the "Actual Size" option is selected.



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Map to Geneva Wilderness Area
GWA in relation to all of Little Big Econ State Forest
(Course area in Red)
GWA Parking Aare and Course Start/Finish Kiosk
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