Florida Orienteering - Liability Waivers

FLO carries insurance for our events through the United States Orienteering Federation. New, stricter, requirements have been imposed on us with regard to liability waivers.

FLO MUST have a signature from every adult, even if you are going out as a group.
The person filling out their name and address details will still sign below the Waiver statement. All others must add their name, and signature, on the back of the card under the "For Groups:" title.

Every Scout or JROTC unit must have their own waivers on file for each participant before attending; and we will assume that you do. In addition each Scout or JROTC leader must still sign the FLO Waiver at the event.

Here’s the hard part:
An adult accompanied by a youth under 18, who is not the parent or legal guardian of that youth, must have, in hand, a signed waiver from the youth’s parent or guardian before being allowed to participate in a FLO event.
You must print the Youth Waiver Form and have the parent sign it before bringing it to the event.
No youth may participate without a waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian.