Florida Orienteering - 2012 Annual Meeting

Date/Time: January 5, 2013 - 7pm
Location   : Will & Emmi Pernasch residence, Winter Springs, FL

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 PM and began with an introduction of the attendees, who were invited to share the stories of their introduction to 'O'.

Attendees: Dwayne Adams, Vicki Bishop, Sheryl Bly, Ray Bruneau, Mike & Marilu Dempsey
                  Donna & Steve Fluegel, Boris Humberg, Gord Hunter, Frank Kuhn, Lami Lambert
                  Jonathan & Linda Linforth, Cheryl McDonough, Greg Owens, Will & Emmi Pirnasch
                  Bob and Janet Putnam, Kevin & Susan Rowley, Jerry Sirmans, Leigh Thomas
Proxies: None

A quorum of FLO members and Directors were present.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved, without correction, by acclamation.

Treasurer's Report - Will Pirnasch:
The treasurer reported that FLO had an income of $14,842 and expenditures of $16,928 during 2012. The club currently has a balance of $13,564 in the bank. The bulk of the expenditure was for the mapping of Lake Louisa.
Email Will if you would like a copy of the detailed Treasurer's report.

Membership - Mike Dempsey:
As of December 15 we had a total of 60 members consisting of 42 individuals and 18 couples/families. This is adrop from last years 71, but similar to previous years.

USOF Charter Renewal
Based on the USOF method for counting members we have 78 'members'. This combined with the $20 re-charter fee and 1665 starts brings our USOF charter renewal fees to $1,958. These fees will be remitted by the treasurer next week.

Mapping / Event Report - Bob Putnam:
The only new maps used in 2012 were Lake Louisa State Park and the first of our new 'Suncoast' maps - Punta Gorda - in South West Florida.
A total of 1665 starts were recorded at this year's events. This was an increase of 89 compared to 2011. The increase was due to the Navy Nationals, the Bubba Goat and the new Suncoast event, but partially offset by reduced numbers caused by JROTC conflicts and bad weather at some events.

Old Business:

Mapping Plans
Many of our venues are in need of re-mapping. Bob is looking into the availability of mappers.
Gord Hunter has/is creating new maps in SW Florida for use at Suncoast events this season.
Looking into the possibility of mapping at Jonathan Dickerson State Park. Discussing the possible use of the Boy/Girl scout camp adjacent to the park.

Permanemt Courses
We have received many positive comments on the existing permanent courses and are receiving a steady stream of requests for certificates of completion.
The brochures for Kelly Park have still not been printed due to a lack of funds at the park. In the mean time we have made the maps and control sheets available for download from the web site.
Moss Park has run out of brochures so we will make the maps available online as we did for Kelly Park.
The course at Tibet Butler is on hold pending our updating of the map and installing the posts.
No further progress on the course for FAM.

Park Relations
We currently have good relations with the parks but are still limited to 75 people at LBE.

New Business:

Use of Electronic Punches
Thanks to David Haines [WP NJROTC] the ROTC competitions are now using an electronic punch system. This involved some new learning but appears to be going well now.

ONA going digital
One issue of ONA per year is now available in digital form. The remaining issues are currently still in printed form.

Hotline Number
A vote was taken to move our hotline number to a free IP service. This will cost $45 to implement the 2 step process but will then save us the $40/month fee that we have been paying. Unanimously approved.
Plans are to forward the number to the event coordinator's cell phone on the day of an event and then return it to voicemail after the event wraps up.

Other Business
Frank Kuhn requested that we consider adding Trail-O to some of our events. OUSA is looking to promote Trail-O; especially amoungst those who would qualify for the para-olympics.

Dwayne Adams requested use of our maps to use at Boy scout training events in order to raise money for his school. He will send a proposal to the board to be voted on at a later date.

Camp Flamming Arrow are requesting our help with an orienteering event at their summer camp in June.

Election of Officers:
There was no election of officers this year as all officers are currently serving a 2 year term

The meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM.

I hereby certify that these are the correct minutes of the meeting.

       Mike Dempsey,  Secretary/Admin

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