Florida Orienteering - 2013 Annual Meeting

Date/Time: January 3, 2014 - 7pm
Location   : Will & Emmi Pernasch residence, Winter Springs, FL

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM.

Attendees: Ray Bruneau, Mike & Marilu Dempsey, Lammi & Boris Humberg, Gord Hunter
                  Cheryl McDonough, Jonathan & Linda Linforth, Will & Emmi Pernasch
                  Bob & Janet Putnam, Greg Owens, Jerry Sirmans
Proxies:     None

A quorum of FLO members and Directors were present.

Introductions were omited since all present knew each other from last years' meeting and/or at regular events.

Treasurer's Report - Will Pirnasch:
The treasurer reported that FLO had an income of $13,307 and expenditures of $14,123 during 2013. The club currently has a balance of $12,747 in the bank. The bulk of the expenditure was related to hosting orienteering events. The other major expenses were the fees paid to USOF and donations made to 5 USOF / JROTC teams.
The complete Treasurers Report was presented and is available upon request.
Email Will if you would like a copy of the report.

Membership - Mike Dempsey:
As of December 15 we had a total of 57 members consisting of 41 individuals and 16 couples/families. This is a slight drop from last years 60, and similar to previous years.
A list of members was requested to be included in the black admin. box but was discouraged since this list changes monthly.

USOF Charter Renewal
Based on the USOF method for counting members we have 73 'members'. This combined with the $20 re-charter fee and a total of 2178 starts brings our USOF charter renewal fees to $2,453.50. These fees will be remitted by the treasurer next week.

Mapping / Event Report - Bob Putnam:
The only new maps used in 2013 were for the new 'Suncoast' venues.
A total of 1665 starts were recorded at this year's events. This was an increase of 89 compared to 2011. The increase was due to the Navy Nationals, the Bubba Goat and the new Suncoast event, but partially offset by reduced numbers caused by JROTC conflicts and bad weather at some events.

Old Business:

Mapping Plans
Gord Hunter has been solicited to map a section of a defunct housing tract near Palm Bay. Discussions are ongoing to hold a Bike-O event there later in the year. This has strong support from the city.
The map of the Flamming Arrow camp site, near Lake Wales, that was paid for by the JROTC has been used for both Boy Scout and JROTC events. It is up to the owner of the map whether this site can be used for general events.

Permanent Courses
Brochures are no longer available at Moss Park. This has had the effect of reducing the number of requests we recieve for Certificates of Completion. The maps and control sheets for both Kelly and Moss Park are now available for download from the web.
It was suggested that we also make the Description and Instructions pages of the brochure available on the web. This action item was taken by Mike Dempsey.
The course at Tibet Butler is still on hold.
Plans are still in the works for courses at Katie's Landing and Florida Agricultural Museum.

Park Relations
We currently have good relations with Wekiva and Ocala. The FL State parks are encouraging us to increase participation.
A new supervisor has taken over at FAM.
The limit at Split Oak has been reduced from 50 to 25. Bob will try to renegotiate this limit.

Transfer of Hotline Number
Will has been having problems with the phone company while trying to switch the hotline. It seems the hotline was set up as a 'personal' account and requires that owner to deal with the phone company. Will will contact Russ to see if they can get things moving on the transfer.

Electronic Punches
The JROTC program using the Sport Ident system is progressing with much enthusiasm, with the Navy absorbing much of the costs.

New Business:

Presentation of Medals
Those winners of the Annual Championships present were awarded medals. Those not present will recieve their medals by mail.

Purchase of Toughbook
The subject of purchasing a 'toughbook' computer to use while mapping in the field was briefly discussed. This was shelved for later discussion.

Suncoast finances
There was a brief discussion on the purchase of maps and invoicing associated with Suncoast Orienteering. FLO will purchase the maps from Suncoast and the maps associated with Suncoast will become FLO property. FLO will also handle all the finances for Suncoast events.

Tax Exempt Status
We have applied for Florida Tax Exempt status. If/When granted tax savings will only apply when FLO purchaes items directly. This means that the FLO debit card must be used. If an officer purchases an item and then claims the money back from FLO the transaction will not be tax exempt.

Election of Officers:
All board members were reinstated for another 2 year term.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM.

I hereby certify that these are the correct minutes of the meeting.

       Mike Dempsey,  Secretary/Admin

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