Florida Orienteering - 2015 Annual Meeting

Date/Time: January 2, 2016 - 7pm
Location   : Blaik Mathews residence, Sanford, FL

The meeting was called to order at 7:34 PM.
The minutes were recorded by Ray Bruneau.

Attendees: Ray Bruneau, Ron Eaglin, Donna & Steve Flugal, Gord Hunter,
                  Frank Kuhn, Jonathan & Linda Linforth, Cheryl McDonough,
                  Will & Emmi Pirnasch, Bob & Janet Putnam, Jerry Sirmans
Proxies:     None

A quorum of FLO members and Directors were present.

Introductions: All present knew each other from past years' meeting and/or regular events.

Treasurer's Preliminary Report - Will Pirnasch
The treasurer reported that FLO currently has a balance of approx. $10,256. The balance at the end of last year was $13,857.
The major expenditures: OUSA, reimbursements and donations to the 5 facets of O'teams.
The complete Treasurers Report is available upon request.
Email Will if you would like a copy of the report.

Membership - Mike Dempsey (by proxy)
As of December 15 we had a total of 39 members consisting of 25 individuals and 14 couples/families. 7 of these are Life memberships. This is a drop from last years total of 50. A total of 21 members are also members of OUSA (11 regular, 9 additional family, 1 Junior)

USOF Charter Renewal - Mike Dempsey (by proxy)
Based on the USOF method for counting members we have 53 'members'. This combined with the $20 re-charter fee and a total of 2990 starts (incl. 1034 Suncoast) brings our USOF charter renewal fees to $4,690.50. These fees will be remitted by the treasurer next week.

Old Business:

The winners of the 2015 FLO Annual Championships present were awarded their medals.

Permanent Courses
Katies Landing, need to have the shorter KL permanent course set up and usable before we insert the PC markers at LWRPSP. Lee Wood has been our SP designee activity in this park.
Florida Ag. Museum markers are in their correct locations, after a slight mishap.

Park Relations
There have been personal limits placed on our events in using lands which have been open to us in the past, but in the FL State Parks there are no limits; in fact we are encouraged to increase our participants.

Hardware/Software Purchase
A discussion for the purchase of a 'toughbook' computer to use while mapping in the field. This item was curtailed since Jonathan Linforth has purchased/using the unit for his mapping. All new mapping has been modified to re-map at control locations.

Map Fees
Possible raising of map fees was discussed. Since we are now paying a higher amount for 'per start' fees to OUSA, we have been encouraged to increase our map fees. It was voted/approved, with one Nay, some map fees would increase. The JROTC fee was left at $5, member fee increased to $6, and non-member fee to $8. This will take effect at the beginning of 2016 - all future events.

New Business:

Suncoast club status
Suncoast is now officially an OUSA club with their own insurance, so their attendance will no longer be counted among FLO attendance.

Silver Springs map
A decision on purchasing the Silver Spring map from G.Hunter has been postponed.

Bubba Goat
FLO will propose we host a Bubba Goat in 2017.

Electronic Punches
FLO now owns approximately 25 SI fingersticks. We will sell these to FLO members and others at $30 per stick.

OUSA Social Media Program
Ron Eaglin offered to serve as the OUSA contact at FLO for the newly financed Social Media Program.

Election of Officers:
The entire 9-member board has been re-elected for another 2 year term since no nominations were announced.

The meeting adjourned at 9:07 PM.

I hereby certify that these are the correct minutes of the meeting.

       Ray Bruneau,  VP of Publicity

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