Florida Orienteering - 2019 Annual Meeting

Date/Time: January 4, 2020 - 6:45pm
Location   : Blaik Mathews residence, Sanford, FL

The meeting was called to order at 6:45 PM.
The minutes were recorded by Mike Dempsey.

Attendees: Vicki Bishop, Linda Bren, Ray Bruneau, Jim Carr, Mike Dempsey, Ron Eaglin, Donna & Steve Flugal, Joanie Haas,
                    Jonathan Linforth, Blaik Mathews, Cheryl McDonough, Emmi & Will Pirnasch, Bob Putnam, Jennifer Ruland,
                    Caroline Schultz, Jerry Sirmans, Russ Steinke, Leigh Thomas, Andrea Willer, Ray and Missy Williamson
Proxies:     None

A quorum of FLO members and Directors were present.

Introductions: Each person present gave their name and a brief history of their involvement in Orienteering.

Treasurer's Report - Will Pirnasch
The treasurer reported that FLO currently has a balance of $10,241. The balance at the end of last year was $3,998.
The primary reason for the large increase was the lack of mapping costs during 2019.
The complete Treasurers Report is available upon request.
Email Ray if you would like a copy of the report.

Membership - Mike Dempsey
As of December 15 we had a total of 43 members consisting of 31 individuals and 12 couples/families. 9 of these are Life memberships. This is an increase from last years' low of 35. A total of 13 members are also members of OUSA (10 regular, 3 family) plus 10 additional family members.

USOF Charter Renewal - Mike Dempsey
Based on the USOF method for counting members we have 55 'members'. This combined with the $20 re-charter fee and a total of 2187 starts brings our USOF charter renewal fees to $3,493. These fees were remitted by the treasurer in December.

Mapping & Events Report - Bob Putnam.
The winners of the 2018 FLO Annual Championships present were awarded their medals. Medals will be mailed to those individuals who did not attend the meeting and mailing of multiple medals to JROTC leaders, for distribution to cadets, will be completed shortly.
The number of starts in 2019 was a record for both FLO and SOAR.

Old Business:

Mapping Plans
A possible new area to be mapped will be Camp Joy. Gord Hunter may also be wiling to create a new map for us at San Felasco, near Gainsville.
Brent Ward has created an Urban Orienteering map at Barber Park. This will be used for the first time in February.
Our event schedule has been set through June 2020. The January and March events had to be switched due to conflicts at the parks.

Permanent Courses
The Kelly Park permanent course needs to be checked/updated due to missing and burned markers. The Katie's Landing permanent course is on hold until the beltway construction has been completed.

Mapping Hardware/Software
New toner cartridges are needed for the laser printer. Purchase of new cartridges was approved unanimously.

E-punch Hardware/Software
A new 50" 4K TV was aquired during 2019. A new tablet was also purchased that can drive the full 4K resolution and thereby display all results on a single screen.
The laptops are now 7 years old and are still on loan from Orange County school district.
We will need to replace the battery we currently use to run all our equipment in the field. The board will discuss the pros and cons of Lithium vs Lead acid and vote on a purchase.

We have replaced one Start station that was no longer working. Two more will need to be replaced soon. We expect others will need to be replaced before long as these are now 14 years old.

Livelox usage has levelled out at around 25%. Although this seems fairly low it is much better than at most other clubs. Some new phones have an issue that the GPS turns off in order to save power whenever the screen turns off. This causes Livelox to fail. A workaround is available and it is hoped that a new version of Livelox will be available soon that includes a fix for this issue.

Blaik has created a new YouTube channel on which he has placed instructional videos and videos of the JROTC award ceremonies.

Park Relations
Relations are all positive. There is a new ranger at Lake Louisa and we are no longer restricted from using the beach area.

Suncoast report
Suncoast held their first event 7 years ago, and became an independent club 4 years ago. They had 2175 participants at 11 events in 2019.
They have held events in South Florida, Marion and Citrus counties, and a joint event with FLX, in addition to those events in their primary area.
They also held a half day Orienteering clinic at Ford De Soto which was attended by over 200 JROTC cadets.

New Business:

Waterproof Paper
Waterproof paper for printing our maps has beed used at the past 2 events and will continue to be used at future events.

Donation to support Navy Nationals
A proposal was made to donate $1000 towards the expenses of the 3 schools that qualified for the Navy Nationals in Virginia this year. Suncoast will donate an additional $1000. This proposal was unanimously approved.

Phone Hotline
The old hotline number was shut down in 2019. We now have a free Google Voice number [810-FLO-SOAR] that will be forwarded to to an event directors phone during an event.

Election of Officers:
A vote was taken to increase the number of board members to 10. This was approved.
Will stated that he is stepping down as Treasurer this year. Ray Williamson volunteered to take his place.
Jonnie Haas volunteered to stand as a new board member.
A vote was taken to approve all the remaining current board members, and the 2 new volunteers, for a term of 2 years. The resolution was passed unanimously.

The meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM.

I hereby certify that these are the correct minutes of the meeting.

       Mike Dempsey,  Club Secretary

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