Florida Orienteering - 2020 Annual Meeting

Date/Time: January 15, 2021 - 7pm
Location   : Zoom conference

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Bob Putnam.
The minutes were recorded by Mike Dempsey.

Attendees: Ray Bruneau, Mike Dempsey, Joanie Haas, Gord Hunter, Jonathan Linforth
                   Albert Little, Blaik Mathews, Cheryl McDonough, Sonia Milan, Bob Putnam
                   Jerry Sirmans, Leonid and Glin Shatski, Russ Steinke, Ray and Missy Williamson
Proxies:     None

A quorum of FLO members and Directors were present.

Introductions: Each person present gave their name and a brief history of their involvement in Orienteering.

Treasurer's Report - Ray Williamson
The treasurer reported that FLO received income of $7,463 and had expenses of $5,926 during 2020. That leaves us with a balance of $11,777 after a starting balance of $10,241.
The primary reason for the low income and expenses was of course the COVID-19 pandemic.
The complete Treasurers Report is available upon request.
Email Ray if you would like a copy of the report.

Membership - Mike Dempsey
As of December 15 we had a total of 25 members consisting of 18 individuals and 7 couples/families. 9 of these are Life memberships. This is a large drop from last years' 43 members. A total of 6 members are also members of OUSA (5 individual, 1 family).

USOF Charter Renewal - Mike Dempsey
Based on the USOF method for counting we have 32 'members'. This combined with the $20 re-charter fee and a total of 592 starts brings our USOF charter renewal fees to $1,020. These fees were remitted by the treasurer in December.

Mapping & Events Report - Bob Putnam.
Blaik has been experimenting with the use of a tablet and GPS for mapping. This is looking good so far.
Grant Ward is using the free 'Open Orienteering' package to do some mapping.

Old Business:

2021 Event Schedule
We have no plans for in person events at this time.
We will look into the possibility of some 'JROTC only' events to be run using similar protocols as those used by SOAR.

ROYO Events
Currently the Run On Your Own (ROYO) events are using QR codes at each control which are scanned using the I-Orienteering app. The early version of the software had a number of glitches but the new version appears to be working much better.
We are however having issues with QR codes going missing.There was also one case at LBE where both the QR code and the post it was on went missing.
Blaik is experimenting with a GPS based system that records that the runner was within a specified distance of the control. This does not require any 'punching' at all. We simply upload the GPS points and it overlays these on a map to be used. The GPS itself is not used to navigate to the controls; it is only used to verify that the runner reached the correct points.

E-punch Hardware/Software
Blaik checked the batteries in all units and replaced 20 of these.
Blaik also had to rework his software to match up with a new version of the SI software.

Park Relations
There was an incident at LBE Snow Hill where a deputy told a runner that an area was off limits.

Suncoast report
Suncoast will be holding live events only for JROTC participants. Special rules are in force for COVID-19. This includes scheduling different schools at different times and requiring each school to leave after completing their events. No group meeting for ceremonies afterwards.

New Business:

UCF Orienteering
Someone at UCF has started a new orienteering club. They will be updating our UCF map. They also plan to be involved in our future events.

School Locations
Blaik ran an analysis of where the JROTC units who compete in our events are located. Based on the radius most schools are willing to travel it appears that our optimal locations would be in the Lakeland area.

Election of Officers:
No officers were up for election this year.
Jonathan Linforth announced that he will be stepping down. Jonathan will be presented with a plaque thanking him for his dedicated service of 26 years. The plaque and a FLO medal will be mailed to him at his summer address in Vermont.
Jerry stated that he is stepping down as President. Blaik volunteered to take his place, while Jerry will remain a member at large.
These changes were approved unanimously.

The meeting adjourned at 8:46 PM.

I hereby certify that these are the correct minutes of the meeting.

       Mike Dempsey,  Club Secretary

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