Florida Orienteering
Florida Agricultural Museum
5 Nov 2011

4:40 minute video of 5 Nov 2011 Florida Orienteering event at the Florida Agricultural Museum (FAM).

If your video pauses often, switch to a lower resolution (e.g. 240, 360) or

pause the video, take a break for a few minutes, come back and click play again.

4:19 minute multimedia video clip of Ron Eaglin's Red Course Run at Florida Agricultural Museum (FAM) event on 5 Nov 2011.

Ron uses first person video, graphics, music and animation to document his Red Course run.

Ron references the Control Points. The control point numbers are listed below.

You can see the controls on a high resolution map by clicking on this link: FAM-Master-Map (click on map for full high resolution view).

Control Point Numbers

CP 1 31

CP 2 42

CP 3 44

CP 4 50

CP 5 53

CP 6 54

CP 7 55

CP 8 57

CP 9 58

CP 10 59