Florida Orienteering
Kelly Park
10 Dec 2011

6:40 minute video of 10 Dec 2011 Florida Orienteering event at the Kelly Park.

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2:12 minute multimedia video clip by Ron Eaglin:

"Florida Orienteering 12-10-2011 Wekiva It was a great day for orienteering today at Kelly Park. I had the GPS tracker in my backpack - so below is my track in Google maps, I added the control locations. Some of the controls were really challenging. Pretty much all the adventure racers got into the palmettos that were east of CP3 and CP4 wasting a lot of time bashing through tough stuff. I ended up bailing to the trail on CP3 and CP4 and re-attacking each of those (as did many others). CP5 was a bit challenging - but CP6 really gave everyone a hard time. I attacked CP7 from the road intersection and hit it dead-on. CP8 which looked easy was placed about east of the mapped location, and gave me a real hard time - it also was not located on the thicket. We found it with a small group of racers. From CP8 - it was pretty straighforward the rest of the way in."

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GPS track of Jerry Sirmans' Red Course Run at Kelly Park.

The 2:19 minute video is an animation of the run using Google Earth and the GPS active track file from a handheld GPS unit. See the photos and video clips taken along the way at http://www.floridaorienteering.org/photos/index.htm.

Video takes the 91 minute Red Course run and compresses it to 2:19 minutes. The overlay is the master Orienteering map for that day. The following is the order of the orienteering controls: 32 42 41 40 39 36 35 33 31 43