Florida Orienteering
Emergency Rules and Procedures

  1.  Never allow part of your party to leave the group to 'find their own way back', except in emergencies and then only when they have their own map.
  2.  Never leave an injured person alone in the woods except in an Extreme Emergency.
  3.  Use 3 long whistle blasts - repeated at 1 to 2 minute intervals - to signal for help.
    1. Use the whistle only in an emergency.
    2. When you hear voices or answering whistles, continue using the 3 long blasts to call them to you, rather than shouts or other whistle patterns.

  4. If you are LOST:

    1. Ask for help from other competitors.  At any regular FLO event, no one will blame you or disqualify you.  (note that in an officially sanctioned USOF Class A event, you may be disqualified for such assistance)
    2. Remain calm, as dry as you can, and as warm as you can.
    3. Remain at a control, even if you don't know where it is, until another competitor or a control retriever arrives.

      - OR -

    4. Follow the SAFETY BEARING for this event. You can find your way back to the Start/Finish area this way, OR, you can find the nearest road this way then remain there.

    5. Do not continue walking if you don't know where you are or where you are going.

    6. Stop passersby and ask for help.  Do not accept a ride with anyone who stops.   Explain your situation and ask them to drive/call for help.