Terms and Conditions
for Customer Orienteering Training Events
by Florida Orienteering (FLO)

I.  Customer agrees to:

1) Confirm the staging area location within the park/venue to permit design of appropriate courses, and coordinate all other aspects of the event with the park/venue,including all necessary permits.
2) Provide manpower to administer the event, including start, finish and timing clocks.

II. Florida Orienteering will provide:

1) Course design, including one master map for each course: (check applicable courses)
___ White course, (Novice, approx. 1 mile)
___ Yellow course, (Novice, approx. 2 miles)
___ Orange course, (Intermediate)
___ Green course, (Advanced, short)
___ Red course, (Advanced, long)
___ Score-O course, (Duration 60 or 90 minutes - at course designer's discretion).
All courses designed on the assumption that each participant will compete on only one of the courses (thereby allowing control duplication as needed)
2) One Map, from the FLO library of Orienteering maps, per participant.
3) One Yellow Cardstock Control Card per team.  Customer to designate number of teams.
4) Controls with coded needle punches.
5) Control Description Sheets, one per map.
6) Provide manpower to place controls prior to event and retrieve controls after the event.

III. Donations:  In exchange for these services, the following Donations are requested:

1) $600 minimum per event.
2) $2.50 additional per participant for each in excess of 100.
3) All donations payable in advance of the event.
4) Checks made out to "Florida Orienteering".

Please signify acceptance of these conditions.  Thank you.
I hereby Accept these Terms and Conditions:

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Questions - contact a FLO Officer:
Jerry Sirmans, FLO President (Jerry@floridaorienteering.org)
Bob Putnam, VP Competition, 407-366-9603 (Bob@floridaorienteering.org)