JROTC Championship Series - Hosting an event

  1. Schools are encouraged to host one of the competitions during the school year, in conjunction with FLO and Suncoast events. Schools should contact the JROTC Coordinator as far in advance as possible to schedule their hosted event. Hosts will be assigned on a first come first served basis. Events are published on the Florida Orienteering web site: www.floridaorienteering.org.

  2. FLO/ Suncoast will set all controls and provide the maps and clue (control description) sheets for each qualifying event that is run concurrently with their events. If a school hosts their own event, separate from the FLO events, they will be responsible for their own maps and clue sheets.

  3. The host school will be responsible for the collection of registration and map fees. The host school will ensure that Florida Orienteering/ Suncoast Orienteering receives the map fee.

  4. The host school will be responsible for running the start and finish tables as well as the collection, tabulation and verification of punch cards for all JROTC competitors. In addition, the host school will determine the awards utilizing these instructions.