Florida JROTC Orienteering Series

The Florida JROTC Orienteering Competitions are designed to formalize and promote participation in orienteering as a competitive sport for the JROTC units. The competitions will run in conjunction with the Florida and Suncoast Orienteering Organizations events. These competitions will be structured to support the school year rather than the calendar year.

In the last year well over 1,200 cadets from over 50 schools have participated at least once in the JROTC competitions.

In any school year the Florida and Suncoast Orienteering clubs will stage 15 to 20 events that are open to JROTC competitions. All JROTC units are welcome at all events. The JROTC part of the event is staged by a host school that promotes the event, welcomes participants, stages a safety briefing and arranges for the Awards. They have the option of providing a lunch for the guest units.

Competitions are held for cadets on three levels: novice, intermediate and advanced. At each level medals are awarded for top individuals and trophies for top teams. Results are posted elsewhere on the Florida Orienteering website.

Units are responsible for entering their teams using Google Doc forms linked through the Florida Orienteering event schedule.

The Ranking System

All JROTC cadets are tracked through a statewide JROTC Ranking System administered by Gord Hunter of Suncoast Orienteering. Current and historical results are shown at the links below:

JROTC FL Statewide Rankings: 2023-24 Season (Current)

JROTC FL Statewide Rankings: 2022-23 Season (FINAL)
JROTC FL Statewide Rankings: 2021-22 Season (FINAL)
JROTC FL Statewide Rankings: 2020-21 Season (FINAL)
JROTC FL Statewide Rankings: 2019-20 Season (FINAL)
JROTC FL Statewide Rankings: 2018-19 Season (FINAL)
JROTC FL Statewide Rankings: 2017-18 Season (FINAL)
JROTC FL Statewide Rankings: 2016-17 Season (FINAL)
JROTC FL Statewide Rankings: 2015-16 Season (FINAL)
JROTC FL Statewide Rankings: 2014-15 Season (FINAL)
JROTC FL Statewide Rankings: 2013-14 Season (FINAL)

Individual rankings are tracked on the school year and updated after each event.
Team Rankings roll over from year to year and are updated at the end of each month.
In both cases the best five results over the period are counted for the rankings.

While most participation comes as a part of teams cadets are welcome to enter and participate as an individual to earn ranking points. Those under 18 MUST provide a signed copy of the waiver form.

For additional information please refer to the following links:

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Rules and Etiquette
Awards & Rankings

Video Instructions for JROTC Instructors, Coaches, and Team Leaders:

Current and historical Florida JROTC Rankings:

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