JROTC Championship Series - Overview

The Florida JROTC Orienteering Competitions are designed to formalize and promote participation in orienteering as a competitive sport for the JROTC units. The competitions will run in conjunction with the Florida and Suncoast Orienteering Organizations events. These competitions will be structured to support the school year rather than the calendar year.

Coordinating Instructions

  1. A JROTC coordinator will be responsible for the conduct and organization of all events, one for the FLO events and one for the Suncoast events.

  2. Schools are required to submit their map counts and registration two weeks prior to each event, to the JROTC Coordinator at: jrotc@FloridaOrienteering.org (FLO) or robert.reed@sarasotacountyschools.net (Suncoast) and registration to the host school(listed with the event). Event schedules can be found on the FLO web page www.floridaorienteering.org.

Florida JROTC Competition

  1. The Florida JROTC competitions will be conducted in conjunction with the FLO and Suncoast events. The competitive courses will be, in most cases, the same courses used by FLO/Suncoast. FLO will normally schedule their events on the 2nd Saturday and Suncoast Orienteering aims to stage JROTC events twice per month January to March. Other JROTC orienteering events in other parts of the state will be staged as demand and organizer availability warrants.

  2. Competitive courses include, the Yellow-Novice, Orange-Intermediate and Green-Advanced. For competitive purposes, the yellow course will be limited to first year orienteers. If an instructor feels a cadet is not ready to move up to the orange after their first year, they can send to the FLO courses to continue to train.

  3. Teams will consist of at least 3 cadets. Unless there is a large event, there will not be a limit on team members. For safety reasons, at the discretion of the host school there may be a limit a team may have. Only the top three finishers will be used to calculate team scores.

  4. Overall (Varsity) will be calculated using the combined team times of the orange and green courses.

  5. The normal format is cross country where cadets visit the controls in the same order. However, schools are encouraged to use other formats such as, score-o, relay, etc..


High School students, grades 9-12 enrolled in a JROTC program for any service. Competitors must be full time students of the competing High School and enrolled in the JROTC program.