JROTC Championship Series - Registration Procedure

  1. Early registration is required and ends 15 days prior to each event. Use the 'Online Registration' link for the specific event on the FLO Events page. It is very important that schools register early so that FLO/Suncoast can receive an accurate map count to print for the event.

  2. Registration forms and fees will be collected by the Host school. Contact information will be posted on the FLO web site. In the event a Host school is not identified, contact the JROTC Coordinator.

  3. Upon arrival at the event, proceed to the JROTC registration table to make sure all information is correct for the competitors including the team rosters. Clue sheets, and finger sticks will also be handed out at this location.

  4. Every effort will be made to pre-assign start times to the registered participants. Failing that
    Host schools should assign start times to schools based on registration numbers.

  5. Each start time (one or two minute intervals) will have one cadet on each of the different courses.

  6. Maps will be given to the competitor individually. They will not look at the map until told to start.

  7. When competitors finish they will report immediately to the finish table whether they successfully finished the course or not.