JROTC Championship Series - Rules

  1. Competitors will all run as individuals. Anyone from the same team caught together will be disqualified. If someone from your team is at a control marker, you must wait until they punch and move away before punching in.

  2. Controls must be visited in order starting from one. If you accidentally discover a control out of sequence, do not punch it.

  3. If a competitor is caught tampering with the controls in anyway, their entire school will be disqualified.

  4. Competitors will not shout, whistle, clap or aid in any fashion another competitor in locating a control. Nor will they attempt to mislead another competitor using the same techniques.

  5. Orienteering is a low impact sport. Competitors who purposefully damage vegetation or harass the wildlife will be disqualified.

  6. There is a maximum of three hours to complete the course. All competitors must check in and out at the start/finish table.

  7. A compass, watch and map are the only authorized navigation tools. GPS, radios, or cell phones are not to be used except in emergencies only.
    In an emergancy, blow 3 short blasts on your whistle. Repeat after a few seconds.

  8. Know the Safety Bearing before starting the course.