Little-Big-Econ Red Course, April 2004, Derek Bohn

One man's approach [More or less]

Start to Control 1
An easy run on trails, though if you went clockwise around the marsh, as I did, it was a bit confusing to come upon many new man-made objects which aren't mapped. These new objects delayed me finding the trail junction attack point, not by much but enough to be annoying since it should have been a clean leg. Can't we map new stuff like this with OCAD easily?

Control 1 to Control 2
Took the clear westward light green departure from #1 to the firebreak trail. Then skip to the west fenceline, south to the fence junction. Thinking it would be tough to hit such a small clearing on a compass bearing at 260m, I ran west to the pond, taking a bearing where the trail turns left. Its only 190m and pretty clear going so it worked.

[Bob] Alternative route from fence junction - blast south through the easily passable light green to the next trail, aiming off left so a short right trail run brings you to the distinct north bend of trial and attack the control from its back side.

Control 2 to Control 3
The problem with this leg is that exactly when that north/south trail peters out is a bit subjective. I realize now that I continued on what still seemed to be a trail a little further southeast along the white blob distinct trees, before cutting south. This error brought me straight into the same yellow area a little further east of where you intended. Unfortunately, this side is full of spiky painful plants, blackberry I believe, so numerous they can't be avoided without turning every 3 or 4 feet. I was so distracted trying to avoid them that I just became disoriented. I recovered only by going back to the north/south trail, restarting at the trail junction near it's south end. I might have even gone home for the day at that point, but being a remote start I was stuck.

Control 3 to Control 4
After the nice clear run on the first half, through the burned field, I felt a bit rejuvenated. I began a beeline from the fire road direct to the swamp but started getting spanked hard by too many palmettos (they seem a lot sharper this year), causing additional blood loss, and retreated to the fire road I'd just left behind, then taking the trails around to the biggish pond just SE of the control. I still shredded knees breaking through that 50m of green. Finally, from that point it took a lot of plain walking around to find the control. The swamp and woods just seemed to blend, and I might have lost my count while bushwhacking. Difficult to curse out loud and keep your count!

[Bob] Alternative route - Beeline right to the juncture of the fields and the big N-S track. From that point you must have confidence that you can simply blast SW til you hit the big yellow marsh. Doesn't matter where you hit it; you should be able to pick yourself up by reading the shapes of the near side or far side treeline shapes. Once you know where you are, just go to the thin prong of yellow pointing westward almost to the control. That's your attack point. From there a 100m jump to control - you're even guided in by the hard dark green on your right.

Control 4 to Control 5
There seemed to be a corridor of white going northwest to Pig Meadows on the map but I never saw it . Seemed to be just dense palmetto everywhere I looked. By the time I reached the trail I was over an hour behind a decent pace. Continuing to the control I made a couple more errors, just not able to concentrate on the map well I guess.

[Bob] Alternative route - Leave #4 roughly NW following whatever open avenue/ditch/marsh is there, until you hit the south edge of Wild Pig Meadow. Trails help from there. There's even a white forest open corner of Shiggy Flats that allows you to cut a corner. Just get to the E-W trending fenceline/fieldline to the north of #5 and follow the ditch in.

Control 5 to Control 6
Go west to the trail then let the yellow prong of open field direct you into the control, only about 100m into the woods.

If you tried beelining you would have to break into the open marsh and get to the SW tip of the white forest, then punch though due south, but being careful to aim off left a bit to stay in white woods, though you could have counted on the stream bed to catch you, too.

Control 6 to Control 7
I nailed directly through the woods, no problem. (Multiple small depressions lead you directly into the control.)

[Bob] Alternative route - Follow trail to the north and bending around behind the conrol. Come in from behind the control - very difficult to do in this case.

Control 7 to Control 8
Once again easy. Just head up to the trail to the north of the control. The attack point being the little patch of yellow which crosses the trail, just before coming to the man-made hut, just north of the control.

[Bob] Alternative route - Just get into the ankle-to-knee-deep stream E of #8 and slop to it.

Control 8 to 9
This one was a gimme; there's a fisherman's trail not 10' from the control.

Control 9 to Finish
Take the trails ... or cut across the open field.

Final time: 160 mins