Florida Orienteering
Event Volunteer Guide

At any FLO event the people you see: behind the Registration desk, at START & FINISH, and giving Orienteering tips; as well as those you don't see: setting the Courses, and arranging Park permission for the event, are all volunteers!

Volunteering does not preclude participating in an event: usually, a 2 hour block of time is all that is requested.  The busiest time, and when most volunteers are needed, is 10am to 11am.   However, many enjoy working an entire event, getting an overall understanding of what is involved in running an event.

If you participate regularily - think of volunteering as part of your FLO dues.   It's never boring, you meet really friendly people, and it's a great way to improve your O'knowledge.

PLEASE:  if you agree to volunteer, honor your committment.


  1. FLO Emergency Rules and Procedures.

  2. Where the Emergency Kit is located, and what supplies are in it.

  3. The Safety Bearing for the Event.


       SET UP:





       CLEAN UP:

       COURSE SETTER from an article by Dennis Wildfogel - BAOC


  5. Have Fun and THANKS for Volunteering!