Florida Orienteering
Event Coordinator Guide

Registration for FLO events can become hectic.   Thankfully, orienteers are a unique breed, exibiting only patience and friendly smiles throughout the process.   The experience is a lot of fun, and a fast way to learn more about Orienteering.

The following Guide is just a guideline, intended to remove mystery and/or doubts on your part.   It is intended to help you understand the things FLO attempts to keep track of, and the things FLO must keep track of, in order to have a successful orienteering event.  

Remember - you will have help, you will not be alone.

  1. Know the Emergency Rules and Procedures.
  2. Read, understand, and know how to follow the Search & Rescue Plan.
  3. Know where the Emergency Kit is located, and what supplies are in it.
  4. Event Contacts:
    1. Supplies and Materials: Bob Putnam, (407) 366-9603
    2. Insurance and Site Permission: Jonathan Linforth, (352) 978-8096
    3. Control Set: the Event Control Setter (CS).
    4. Member List for Volunteer Recruitment: Mike Dempsey, (407) 869-1266
    5. Results: Mike Dempsey, (407) 869-1266
    6. Treasurer: Will Pirnasch, (321) 415-1544

  5. Volunteers - provide volunteers for:
    1. Set up tables and organize materials - (1) 9:00am to 10am.
    2. Registration Desk - suggested (2) 9:45am to 11am, (1) 11am to 1pm.
    3. START - suggested (2) 10am to 11am, (1) 11am to 1pm.
    4. FINISH - suggested (1) 10:15am to 11am, (2) 11am to 12pm, (1) 12pm to 3:00pm.
    5. Course Setting and Control Retrieval - usually pre-arranged by Bob Putnam.
    6. Clean up (1) 2:30pm to 3:30pm approximately.
    7. You can use the Event Schedule Form to record your volunteers.

  6. Event Set-Up
    1. Arrive by 9:00am on event day to organize materials and volunteers.
    2. Label the Waiver sheets with the Event LOCATION and DATE.
      Note there are two forms: one for ROTC/Scouts/multi-groups, and one for Individuals/Families.
    3. Determine the Map numbers to be used, and pre-number the Waiver sheets.
      Each participant, individual or group, should be assigned a unique map number.

  7. Tracking Event Participants
    1. The top of the Waiver sheets should state the LOCATION and DATE of the Event.
    2. Participants are to fill out the Waiver form completely and legibly.
      • The waiver form is to be signed.
      • Identifying information is required for the participant's vehicle.
    3. A map number is assigned for each participant and written on the participant's Control Card.
    4. At 3:00pm, if any team has not checked in at the Finish:
      • The map number on the Control Card stubs are compared to the Waiver form to determine vehicle information.
      • If their vehicle is still in the parking area then follow the SAR Plan.

  8. Tracking Event Receipts:
    1. Track the following on the Income Report Form.
    2. The number of tee-shirts sold.
    3. The number of new members and the type of membership (single, couple, family)
    4. Extra maps purchased. Also note on the Waiver form.
    5. Compass rentals. Also note on the Waiver form.

  9. Clean Up
    1. Assist in packing up and loading FLO materials.
    2. Insure that site facilities, and general registration area, are clean.
    3. Insure all controls have been retrieved.

  10. Business.  
    1. Money collected and Receipts Tracking Sheet are given to Russ Steinke, or his designated alternate.
    2. New membership forms are given or mailed to Mike Dempsey.
    3. The Waiver forms are given or mailed to Bob Putnam.

  11. Results Tabulation
    1. Collect punched Control Cards and arrange by Course.
    2. Sort and tabulate the results.  See How to Format Event Results.
    3. Send Formatted Results to Mike Dempsey.

  12. Event Write Up for the results page.
    1. A few paragraphs up to a page in length.
    2. Can include the weather, estimated number of participants, course comments, any interesting happenings, and your personal experience as EC.
    3. e-mail (word or text document) to Mike Dempsey.

  13. Have Fun!